As a result of long Manufacturing Experiance
FIEC MODEL power presses are immaculate
piece of ideal equipment utilized in a most
rational manner.



FIEC Power Presses are manufactured in the following Models.

1. Open Back Inclinable Steel Body Capacity 5 Tons to 200 Tons.
2. Pillar Type Steel Body capacity 25 Tons to 300 Tons.


To ensure rigidly, hardness and durability Main Body and other parts of Cast Iron Body Presses are manufactured from high grade close grade grain 1 quality casting pretested for hardness with proper Ribs & Stiffeners etc.

Steel Body Frame Presses

These Presses are Robust, fabricated from high quality welding steel plates, cut to shape and welded into a rigid unit with proper Ribbing and fastenings to give the Maximum Strength. Unit construction ensures perfect alignment of bed, ram and housing at all times and ensures a frame of minimum deflection under full load, Solid housing with robust stiffeners for Bushes add further to the strength of the Body frame.

Crank Shafts

It is made of special En8 high tensile steel machined and ground to highest degree of accuracy.


Bust bearing of heavy duty Gen metal machined to utmost grade of accuracy with provision of oil grooves to ensure a proper film of oil lubricant for smooth running of the machine in all conditions.

Knock Outs

Presses above 10 Tons capacity are fitted with knock out Brackets for stripping down the parts drawn thus facelifting the work.


Brake is provided to hold the Crank on top dead centre when clutch is released.


Ram is rigid construction and of high textile Cast Iron/Cast Steel with round die stalk hole and clamp. It can be tightened by means of screws on the side. The slide can be adjusted very easily in connecting Rod.


Power Presses are manufactured with adjustable stroke. A multiple claw Sleeve with graduations is provided to get the required adjustable in stroke. Operator can adjust the stroke as desired without hit and trial method.

Repeatable & Non Repeatable Clutch

For every desired stroke foot padel shall have to be pressed individually. The same clutch can be converted into an ordinary repeatable type for continious strokes.

Hand guard/Safety Device

This is wonderful device protects hand/fingers as one has to keep his hands on the deive and foot on the Paddle to for the Ram to come down for stroke. (This is provided on extra cost.)

Power Transmission

Power is transmitted through hub-cut gears of robust construction with run on high tensile steel shafts in Gunmetal Bushes so as to ensure smooth running. Pinions are hob cut. Made from tensile steel suitable for transmitting power to gear.

Fly Wheel

Made of high grade C.I. And designed to generate the maximum energy.


Presses are provided with an efficient Lubrication system to lubricate the sliding surfaces and motion parts properly, which results in their smooth working and enhances the life of the press.